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Monday, February 21, 2011

Turquoise Living Room Slight Change

A few weeks ago I posted my turquoise decor here well I have added a few changes so I decided to take a few pics.  I didn't take any before pictures of these lamps (sad face) they were actually my grandmothers' lamps but I thought they needed a fresh look.  I first primed them with rust-oleum painter's touch ultra cover primer in red (it was kinda a dark terracotta color), then painted them rust-oleum's hammered finish in brown.  was not loving that color and I thought they needed a little more so I used krylon glossy leather brown first then went over that with rust-oleum's antique brass metallic finish.  Gave a little more shiny finish and I like them.  I also used this paint combo on the frames pictured down below.

taken w/ flash kinda bright but a better pic of the lamp.

these are the paints that I used

I added the rolled fabric and ribbon flowers.

added buttons to the cushion

I also put buttons on both sides of the bench cushion.  I think it adds some texture.

The print I had up before did not have any colors that matched - so I found this one at hobby lobby for 1/2 price (@ $7) bought the frame at walmart for $25 added some spray paint in the color combo like above.  The three colors made the frame stand out and look a little more custom.

The print and couch seemed a little off so I added these wooden 6x6 square from hobby lobby 1.49 ea. Then attached scrapbook paper  .59 ea.  I painted the wooden squares the same as the frame and mod-podged (matte) the paper  to the boards.

Closer look shows the alphabet, each letter has an inspirational word written in the corresponding square.

the couch seems more balanced now.  I really like how this turned out.

I Have New Metal Stamps

I got 2 new metal stamp sets from Rio Grande for under $30 each set!  They are both lower case sets that I have been wanting since starting stamping on the washers.  So many of the metal stamp sets are sooo high I was not wanting to spend that amount yet, so I did some googling to find sets that were a little cheeper.  I found one that is the comic sans font and the other is the monotype corsiva font. Those fonts are pictured below.

Here are a few things that I have made with these stamp sets so far:

I made this for my Bunco group as a "winner" prize!

This one I made to sell to other buncoers (not a word) these plastic beads are much easier to work w/ the ones above were very brittle so I am afraid to sell those they may break easier.

This is a ring made from a pre-made cluster of beads.  I just bought the flower and added it to a ring base and small washer for support.  I am also going to make a matching pendant. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Washer Bracelets!

Check out my latest - newest creation!!...Personalized Washer Bracelets!! 

I am very excited about these for at least 3 reasons.

1) Way Cool industrial look! 
2) I haven't seen anyone else doing these! (please be impressed!) 
3) -Really the Main reason- I now have something to target the customer with more than 4 children or grandchildren!  Yippee!

I have tried for a year or so to come up w/ a pendant that would showcase a larger family using the dominos and/or glass tiles.  I have yet to be satisfied until NOW!   Yea for me.  (maybe someone else has done this but I have not seen it in my blogging experience)

This bracelet is for a local customer - I really think she will be pleased.

This bracelet has 7 small washers connected w/ split-rings.  It measures a little over 7".

Peronalized with her 7 children & step-children!

I really can't stand it - Soooo excited.

This was my first attempt to see what it would look like.  8 washers (I have a large wrist).  This one is about 8".

Pricing on the Washer Bracelet:  $15 (no words, 7-8 washers)
                                                  $1 each additional word or name
                                                  $1 each additional charm or birthstone

Pricing on the Large Washer Pendant:  $20-includes 1-4 names,
                              top bead, and 1-4 charms and/or birthstones
                              $1 each additional charm or birthstone

I hope that you enjoy and let me know if I can make something for you!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Felt Flowers

It has been a cold and very windy day here today.  We were spoiled by the nice weather (3 days worth) and now we are back to the cold again - I guess Punxsutawney Phil not seeing his shadow didn't help today's weather! 
                 Oh well. 

This week I have taken my Valentine/Spring pendants to school and have received many nice comments and sold quite a few, so if you were a purchaser thanks so much.  If you still need a gift for someone let me know.

Today I wanted to introduce something new that I have been making...Felt Flowers.  I know, I know they have been popular for awhile - but I just now branched out to making and wearing them.  Here are some pictures of a few that I have made.

this is the first one that i made, i like it but it is a little full, sort of a practice one.

this is prob. my favorite b/c of the color.  i also cut 2 different sizes of petals and it is more uniform.

these super cute scrapbooking brad buttons from hob. lob. are really fun.

ok I'm not usually a giraffe print person but i do like how it turned out...i also bought leopard print!  yikes!

lobster clip on back of this one, others have a pin back.

group shot!
 I have others that I have made that were purple and red for Val. Day I will post later.  These are simple to make really just takes the time to trace and cut.  I found a flower outline that I liked and printed it out, used it as a template, trace, cut, fold, and glue...waalaa felt flower.

hope you like...if you want one let me know.