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Monday, February 21, 2011

I Have New Metal Stamps

I got 2 new metal stamp sets from Rio Grande for under $30 each set!  They are both lower case sets that I have been wanting since starting stamping on the washers.  So many of the metal stamp sets are sooo high I was not wanting to spend that amount yet, so I did some googling to find sets that were a little cheeper.  I found one that is the comic sans font and the other is the monotype corsiva font. Those fonts are pictured below.

Here are a few things that I have made with these stamp sets so far:

I made this for my Bunco group as a "winner" prize!

This one I made to sell to other buncoers (not a word) these plastic beads are much easier to work w/ the ones above were very brittle so I am afraid to sell those they may break easier.

This is a ring made from a pre-made cluster of beads.  I just bought the flower and added it to a ring base and small washer for support.  I am also going to make a matching pendant. 

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