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Monday, February 21, 2011

Turquoise Living Room Slight Change

A few weeks ago I posted my turquoise decor here well I have added a few changes so I decided to take a few pics.  I didn't take any before pictures of these lamps (sad face) they were actually my grandmothers' lamps but I thought they needed a fresh look.  I first primed them with rust-oleum painter's touch ultra cover primer in red (it was kinda a dark terracotta color), then painted them rust-oleum's hammered finish in brown.  was not loving that color and I thought they needed a little more so I used krylon glossy leather brown first then went over that with rust-oleum's antique brass metallic finish.  Gave a little more shiny finish and I like them.  I also used this paint combo on the frames pictured down below.

taken w/ flash kinda bright but a better pic of the lamp.

these are the paints that I used

I added the rolled fabric and ribbon flowers.

added buttons to the cushion

I also put buttons on both sides of the bench cushion.  I think it adds some texture.

The print I had up before did not have any colors that matched - so I found this one at hobby lobby for 1/2 price (@ $7) bought the frame at walmart for $25 added some spray paint in the color combo like above.  The three colors made the frame stand out and look a little more custom.

The print and couch seemed a little off so I added these wooden 6x6 square from hobby lobby 1.49 ea. Then attached scrapbook paper  .59 ea.  I painted the wooden squares the same as the frame and mod-podged (matte) the paper  to the boards.

Closer look shows the alphabet, each letter has an inspirational word written in the corresponding square.

the couch seems more balanced now.  I really like how this turned out.

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