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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Project #3

Ok now the third project was to re-paint some outside chairs.  Pretty easy. Just a little prep work.  I used the same cleaner that I used on the house to clean the chairs.

This stuff works really well on mildew and dirt! (home depot)

Car washing brush.

Faded green metal chairs, I was given 6 of these from a friend from church.  She got them from our mall when they were updating the food court furniture.  We used these at our church for about 2 years in our cafe.  The church updated so I got these!! 

Comfy chairs - I have had them for about 2-3 years.  I painted 2 black so now these needed some paint as well.

These are my most fav!  I got these from my MIL a few years back and painted them red, 2 faded and the other 2 have gotten scratched. paint job.
I made a pretty sweet set up in the back yard and got to work.

Old hollow core door on 4 buckets!  Perfect height for me.
I just used the cheap $.97 paint from Walmart.  I used this before on the other ones and it has held up pretty well.  I used 4 cans.

Glossy finish looks nice.  A little dark photo but I worked until the sun went down.

They sit on the side of the house with my large fern!
Now onto the red chairs! 

Love this color!  Just a great bright red.  I used almost 6 cans @ $3.97 each.

This was the set up for afternoon painting!  Beach umbrella to the rescue!  It wasn't really hot but the sun does make a difference in drying time.

I primed a little on the rusty & chipped places just a brown rustoleum primer that I had on hand.

This was a good set up too because I had just mowed the grass!

Ta-Da Nice & Bright!

Like Christmas on a chair.
Whew!  on to the next item!
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