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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Project #4

I have been wanting to do this next project for about a year now since I have seen so many porch spruce ups using these:
  Well since I had freshly painted chairs, I had to put up something to protect them from the sun!!
Now it is my turn to turn a canvas drop cloth into great curtains! Yea!
What I thought was going to be a 2-3 hour job turned into a 2 day job!!  Not b/c of lack of trying, but b/c of lack of materials and home improvement store slackers! LOL
Back Porch...Covered deck but still super hot.
Check out the sun...Brutal

Alright-I initially bought these to start the project.

These are metal conduit clamps.  I got 8 one inch to mount the bar and 12 two inch for the curtain.  I had planned on using the screw as the "attachment" to the curtain and just sliding them back and forth on the metal pole.  In theory that was a good idea, but in actuality not such a good one.  There was too much of a gap at the top which allowed the sun to still come in, and the idea was to block the sun.  On to the next idea.
(Returned the 12, $.65 for the 8) TOTAL $5.20

Metal conduit pipes.  2 @ $7.50 ish @ Home Depot 6'5.5" each.  We cut them to make 4 poles. TOTAL $15

No shot of the cutting!

Needed "help" w/ the hanging of the poles!
Hubs was actually kinda into this project!  He thought it was a great idea.  He asked me where I got it from!  I said "blog-world, where else!"
Great shot of the hanging pole!!

We then came to the conclusion to use these.  A good decission just more cash flow than I initially wanted to use.  About $5 per box of 10 gromets (I bought 5 boxes, used 42) and $2 for 12 hooks (I bought 4 boxes, used 42)  TOTAL $33
Just a side bar...if you are planning to use 7/16 inch silver gromets in the near future, save yourself some time and just go to Jo Anns fabric they had the best selection!  Home Depot & Lowes only had gold, Hobby Lobby only had one box that was a kit (didn't need the kit), Walmart had 2 boxes, the other 2 Walmarts didn't have ANY!  Walmart's were priced at $4.97 and Jo Anns had them for $8!!!  Luckly they were on half price today!!  After I went to 5 stores I need a little luck!

I laid a plastic tarp down on the driveway and measured out the placement of gromets on the canvas.

I folded the canvas down 15" to form a cafe curtain look.  I started the first gromet in 3" from side and 2" from top.  spaced them out about 11" apart.  I set the gromets in the first canvas then used that as my template to do the others.  Measure once and then cheat the rest!!

My tools.  It is very easy to set gromets and such a great finished product.

Kinda hard to get the whole view from this picture but this is the corner and back of the deck.

This is the other corner and back.  I love the end result!

View from driveway

View from back yard

View from side back yard
Open view

View from our back door

View from driveway

View from back yard

View from side back yard

Close-up of our work!
Whew!  now we can have a nice cooler deck and bonus the chairs hopefully will not fade as quickly!  TOTAL about $118, more than I had expected but worth it in the end.
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Project #3

Ok now the third project was to re-paint some outside chairs.  Pretty easy. Just a little prep work.  I used the same cleaner that I used on the house to clean the chairs.

This stuff works really well on mildew and dirt! (home depot)

Car washing brush.

Faded green metal chairs, I was given 6 of these from a friend from church.  She got them from our mall when they were updating the food court furniture.  We used these at our church for about 2 years in our cafe.  The church updated so I got these!! 

Comfy chairs - I have had them for about 2-3 years.  I painted 2 black so now these needed some paint as well.

These are my most fav!  I got these from my MIL a few years back and painted them red, 2 faded and the other 2 have gotten scratched. paint job.
I made a pretty sweet set up in the back yard and got to work.

Old hollow core door on 4 buckets!  Perfect height for me.
I just used the cheap $.97 paint from Walmart.  I used this before on the other ones and it has held up pretty well.  I used 4 cans.

Glossy finish looks nice.  A little dark photo but I worked until the sun went down.

They sit on the side of the house with my large fern!
Now onto the red chairs! 

Love this color!  Just a great bright red.  I used almost 6 cans @ $3.97 each.

This was the set up for afternoon painting!  Beach umbrella to the rescue!  It wasn't really hot but the sun does make a difference in drying time.

I primed a little on the rusty & chipped places just a brown rustoleum primer that I had on hand.

This was a good set up too because I had just mowed the grass!

Ta-Da Nice & Bright!

Like Christmas on a chair.
Whew!  on to the next item!
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Project #2

My second project was not that "crafty"...pressure wash the house and all around fall clean up!  Other than being a little sore, this was pretty easy.  I don't have any wonderfully impressive before & after photos, it really is just the satisfaction of knowing that our house is clean!  Here are a few "clean" pics.

Cleaned up front porch!

A little fall arrangement.

Wire pumpkin and table my mom got for me.  I really like the rusty look of both of these.

I took out 2 black metal chairs and I like the smaller scale.

My mom got this grape vine wrapped tree, I have wanted one for awhile! yea!  Cute w/ orange Halloween lights.