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Friday, July 15, 2011

University of Tennessee Domino Pendant

This was a first for me!  I was "tickled pink orange" at the way this turned out!  I have a customer who asked to get 3 kids on a Go VOLS domino w/ black swirls, footballs and pompoms!  Wasn't sure how to get it all on there...but being the creative genius person that I am (ha), here is what I came up with...

Cute little stick kids!

Black Swirls!

Can't stand it!!  Stamped pompoms!


Go Vols!
If you have ever used stamps on anything before you know that they are not forgiving little critters, so imagine stamping on a 1x2 surface! 

I love the challenge of creating personalized pendants for people-thanks for looking and remember... I would love to create something special just for you!

here are a few other UT/sport items I have created in the past...
Vinyl football

Stamped image

Vinyl paw print

Stamped image

stamped basketball

stamped baseball
Thanks for looking-


  1. Great work and great photographs too! Keep up the great work!

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