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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Felt Flowers

It has been a cold and very windy day here today.  We were spoiled by the nice weather (3 days worth) and now we are back to the cold again - I guess Punxsutawney Phil not seeing his shadow didn't help today's weather! 
                 Oh well. 

This week I have taken my Valentine/Spring pendants to school and have received many nice comments and sold quite a few, so if you were a purchaser thanks so much.  If you still need a gift for someone let me know.

Today I wanted to introduce something new that I have been making...Felt Flowers.  I know, I know they have been popular for awhile - but I just now branched out to making and wearing them.  Here are some pictures of a few that I have made.

this is the first one that i made, i like it but it is a little full, sort of a practice one.

this is prob. my favorite b/c of the color.  i also cut 2 different sizes of petals and it is more uniform.

these super cute scrapbooking brad buttons from hob. lob. are really fun.

ok I'm not usually a giraffe print person but i do like how it turned out...i also bought leopard print!  yikes!

lobster clip on back of this one, others have a pin back.

group shot!
 I have others that I have made that were purple and red for Val. Day I will post later.  These are simple to make really just takes the time to trace and cut.  I found a flower outline that I liked and printed it out, used it as a template, trace, cut, fold, and glue...waalaa felt flower.

hope you like...if you want one let me know.

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