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Monday, January 10, 2011

Turquoise Decor.

So after I took down all of my Christmas decor this year I wanted to change some things around.  Most of my home decor is in the warm red, yellow, orange, green color family and I have wanted to change thing for awhile after looking at so many other people's fabulous blogs and home here are a few of the changes that I made.  I do not have any before pics because I didn't put things back to "normal" before adding these changes.  Most of these items I have had in my house for several years I just changed things around to "go" with the material that I purchased.  I have been wanting to introduce some turquoise into my decor for sometime.  I thought that it would be in my bedroom that is in the remodeling process, but instead I started in my living room.

Clock from an At Home America party (free for hosting).  Vase $5 from a local 2nds store, cork screw willow branches from my mom's house, blocks from a "junking" trip w/ my mom.

I painted this cross last year just kinda playing w/ some color.

The mantle is still a little lacking b/c I don't have any really large art or arrangement to go w/turq.

I made this last year after surfing blogland and finding someone who had done the same thing w/ reds for Valentine's Day.  I already had the scrabble tiles from other jewelry projects and the frame is from Hobby Lobby several years ago.

These are the pillows I made from the new material.  The solid turq. cover I found this summer at Target on sale so I bought 2 thinking I would use them in the bedroom, but I really like them here.

My mom and I found this lamp this summer at an estate sale I think it was $5.

My re-do started by wanting to make a cushioned seat for this bench.  This was the most expensive thing that I did for the room.  All of the material was $9 a yard purchased at a great little fabric store here in town called Pappy's Quilting and then the foam from Hobby Lobby 1/2 off.

I found some shower curtains at Target right after Christmas for $2.50 each, I bought 2 to make the curtains, then added some material and trim to "fancy" them up a bit.

Sewed a strip down the side and added the material at the top for some added color.

Bought this twin sized throw from Target as well for about $13.

I have had this stool for probably about 15 years.  I made this cover and made a ruffle to go on the bottom.  This is the first ruffle that I have ever made.  I used elastic and sewed it on while keeping it taught and the fabric gathered on it's own and wala - ruffles!  very easy.

This is one of the pillow covers I found at Target.  Sewed on the fluffy fringe and added the appliqued "C".  Michelle will be "sew" impressed! To see what the pillow looks like now- click here.

Made these cue dice when I saw them on Click here for tutorial.

Bought this window for $10  2 summers ago when mom and I went "junking".  I have always liked the windows used for picture frames.
 Well let me know what you think of my new room.  I made a few additions if you want to look here.



  1. Michelle IS sew impressed! Wanna come to my house?

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