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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cupcake Party for my Birthday!

So my friends told me that I needed to plan my own party for my b-day because "we never do anything to celebrate your month" I decided to throw myself a Cupcake Party!!  Yea 4 Me!

This is the entrance to my front door!!! How do you like that for a subtle hint :)  I used contact paper for the window decals!

Plastic plate with turq. vinyl and a small mason jar with a small cupcake and some material for color.  I used these jars all over the house, easy and cheep...already had all of the jars and about $20 worth of fabric from walmart. 

Front do you like the tutu!!?
I had a lot of fun preparing for this party here are some of the things that I made...
Fancy Cupcake Wreath!  I got the "P" letter and cupcake paper from HL used Mod Podge to cover the letter, hot glued the letter to a wooden wreath form then folded and glued cupcake liners of various colors all over!  I added the ribbon and cupcake brads.

This was pretty easy actually - just time consuming!

I think the colors were fun!
I used cupcake liners just about everywhere!  These are strofoam balls of various sizes.  I hot glued ribbon at the start and used straight pins to re-inforce the ribbon.  Then I layered and folded the cupcake liners then hot glued and used straight pins to push into the ball.  This was really trial and error none of them were the same.

These were mini cupcake liners.

I found these tiny white plates at Walmart for about $1.50 then used my Silhouette to make the cupcake vinyl decals.  More of the mason jars and fabric.  The multi-colored fabric actually has cupcakes but you can't really tell.
Table decorations
These are mason jars with spoons and forks w/ a contact paper cupcake.

This usually sits in the corner of my kitchen anyway I just added the "it's my b-day" plate and cupcakes.

Lemon drops in these glass holders.

Cupcake plates & cupcake liner flowers.

I borrowed this black tutu from a friend then added the turq. & cupcake ribbon for fun.

These are cupcake liner flowers I found several tutorials on line.