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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blue Print Photos!

I found this great idea off of Pinterest no less!  I took my ideas from this site.  I love pictures and I always want to have larger prints displayed but cannot always afford them so this was a great option!

Every year I TRY to get my boys to cooperate for a small photo shoot.  I usually have to prepare them 2-3 days ahead of time that "mom is going to take your picture so be prepared to be nice to each other for about 2 hours."  This year we went to about 3 different local places I had been wanting to try out.  The tracks and grafitti are some of my favs! 

Ok back to the enlargements...First I made these images into black and white copies.  Put them onto the flash drive thing and took it to Staples.  I called the guy first to make sure this "blueprint project" was an option at our Staples, it was.  (you never know)  BTW this, the blueprint thing, can only be done in black and white.


Love their logo!  I spent about $15 on 2 poster size prints (24x36), 3 18x20, and 1 11x17 color

Already had this adhesive.

Covered my craft table in brown paper.  I did this inside...glue fumes yay!

These are foam core boards that were on sale at Hobby Lobby for 30% off and used one 40% coupon total about $15.  I didn't look to see measurements but they are back in the photo department with the mat boards.  I got 2 large ones and 2 smaller ones.

I just sprayed the adhesive onto the edge of the foam board and lined up the photo.  Then I smoothed out to get started, then continued to unroll photo and spray adhesive and rubbed and smoothed out/down the paper w/ my hand.  This paper is just about as thin as regular printer paper so do not use a paint on adhesive like ModPodge b/c you will have a mess.

This is a nice encouraging photo!  I used an exacto knife to cut the edges so no worries about being straight!

If you look closely these are a little "liney" not a real word I know but they were not grainy from enlarging the photos I really think the copier at Staples was not super clear b/c those lines were the same on all of the prints.  I really didn't mind b/c these are a little "out-doorsy" and I liked the way they turned out.

I thought I was going to put this over the fireplace but turned out this was way better!  I love it.

These are the ones in Riley's room.  He wanted them to seem official so he signed them!  Too funny-
BTW the 11x17 color copy was only about $2 so I will probably just use Staples in the future for enlargements b/c I like to change them so often I feel guilty when I pay big bucks for a print and then change it after a year or so.  Just a little personal note!

let me know what you think or if you have any questions about the process! :)
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Turquoise Armoire

I have not fallen off of the face of the earth, I just cannot balance computer blogging and everyday life!  I am truely a multi-tasker but I cannot find the time or energy to get on the computer to keep an updated blog.  Besides looking at everyone else's blogs and Pinterest what's a girl to do??

I have had a few projects up my sleeve so I decided to post my new fav today!  Yay me!  Hope you enjoy-

This is the armoire that houses some of our computer components and printer etc.  It was raw wood when we first put it together.  We originally bought it about 6-7 yrs. ago for our TV. About a year ago we changed it to hold our computer "stuff".  I was bored with the plain wood so I decided to put a little stain and glaze on it to see how I would like that.   

I soon tired of the look and decided to go for the paint!

A few months ago I bought this tester of paint from HomeDepot b/c I really liked the color, Martha Stewarts' Sunken Pool - I was really wanting to paint something turquiose!
This color was a little lighter than I thought that it would be from the can but  I still  think it is a great color. 

I used a paint brush and only used one coat on the whole thing!  I went back over the center panels b/c there were a few places where the wood was still showing through.  That one little 7.5 oz can covered the whole front of the armoire.  

I have used this pint of glaze for probably about 2 years and still have 1/2 of the can left.  I have done several projects with this one can!

I used a stiff bristled brush to get the glaze in all of the corners and all over the armoire.  Then just wiped down with an old sock until I got the look that I wanted.

Pretty easy really - just trial and error until you have the look that you are going for.  That is usually my technique of choice...trial and error! :) usually more error, but you learn as you go right?!

Finished painting and glazing the front had to go back to HD to get another can:(

While I was at HD I asked the paint guy about wax.  I have never waxed anything but have read and seen things online about it so he pointed me in the Minwax direction.

I just used an old t-shirt and wiped everything down with the wax, waited about 10 min. and buffed the wood.  

This stuff looks like a candle in a can!  Smells nasty-
I couldn't get a great pic of the way the wax makes the wood look, but it gives a sheen and also makes the piece look like I put about 3-4 coats of paint on!  The wood feels very smooth.  I don't know what I had expected the wax to do but I really like the way this product worked!

A few finished photos!  I really like the finished product!

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