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Friday, March 25, 2011

Bib Necklaces and a few New Items

I haven't posted anything in quite sometime because we have been especially busy over the past month.  We are continuing to work on our bedroom and are pretty close to having it complete...can't wait for that to be happening.  And we have gotten into the full "swing" of baseball for both boys!!  We had a great week of spring break and it seemed a little short this year, but now only 9 weeks of school left until we are out!!!  Yip-pee!!  I can't wait to sleep in.

I have been making a few new things in the jewelry department lately.  I have tried a slightly different approach from my normal single pendant necklaces, and branched into some Bib Necklaces.  I really like how these have turned out.  What do you think?

Brown Zipper pendant, ring, and earrings.  Sewn together w/ a turquoise tortoise shell bead, rhinestone glued on for a little sparkle. 
Earrings and ring.

Pink and green bib necklace.  Ribbons, zippers, and buttons, felt backing.
Ribbon tie closure can be tied at various length.  Would be very cute for Easter or this spring.
Turquoise, navy, and hot pink bib necklace.  Silver chain closure.  This has both sewn and glued flowers with a felt backing.
These flowers are made from a variety of materials, zippers, rolled t-shirts, felt, various fabrics.
Ribbon, zipper, and button bib necklace.  Felt backing and green ribbon for tying at desired length.
Sewn and glued necklace.

Cute green glass earrings with a turquoise dangle.

Large washer with camera charm.
Washer bracelet for a customer w/ three children and seven grand children.

All of these items I have set up at Zippers Style Exchange off of 411 here in Maryville.  It is a great store for upscale men's and women's consignment clothing.

Remember, as always, you can purchase any items directly from me and also I will customize something for you if you want.  Above items range from

If you haven't seen my custom dominos please visit my web site, the link is on the right.

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  1. You have created very innovative jewelry with the textures that we never thought could be used.They look colorful and young...vibrant collection.Initial Charms