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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Day - Spring Pendants!

I have been working over the past 2-3 weeks on several new items to get out and ready for Valentine's Day!  I am excited to show you some new washer pendants and some dominos that are sure to get you ready for Valentine's Day and spring! 

I know that most of you have seen how to make these washer pendants out in blog land and I have adapted a few touches to make them work for me and the pendants that I create.  I just use scrapbook paper that I like no particular brand.  I get my washers from Home Depot for 19-35 cents depending on size.  Some of the largest ones I have found at Ace Hardware for 35-50 cents.  I like using matte Mod Podge to seal the paper and attach the paper to washer.  I have used all three of the lacquers pictured below.  The beads I use come from various places, just usually the ones that I think look the best with the paper chosen.  Please look through to see what you like, if you would like to purchase one email or comment and I will be happy to get something to you.  They are all finished I just didn't put the individual pictures here for space.   They are priced $10-$15.

If you live here in Maryville, I have many items at a local store called Threadberries Monogram Market.  You can stop by and check out my things as well as all the great items that Michelle has to offer.  You can check out her beautiful work here:


size compared to a quarter.

Valentine Dominos!!
Here are a few special dominos that I have created for this "love" holiday!  This the first time that I have used 3-D puffy items on the domino and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out.  I am very excited to have customers check these out.  These are a combination of 3-D stickers, flat crystals, and stamps!  They are all $12 each and come with a tie ribbon or cord.  Let me know what you think!

Personalized Pendants I have showed before but wanted to show a new KEY CHAIN one that I actually made during Christmas.  These would be great for the guy in your life as well.  
Give a personalized key chain for a fun and whimsical gift from the kids or from you - the sweetheart!  Key Chains with a charm are $15, Personalized Pendant Necklaces are $20 and up (depending on additional charms or washers).

I am currently working on ways to add more than 5 names to one necklace for Mothers and Grandmothers with larger families.  Hopefully that will be coming soon!  Especially in time for Mother's Day.
Have a great day and I would love to hear your comments.

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  1. The valentine special collection is very pretty in pink and in delicate designs they look amazing.The spring pendants also look beautiful and dainty...I love the butterfly sitting on the pendant design.
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