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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Continued Bathroom Projects

Since I am still sort of new to blogging and posting and such I still keep forgetting to do the Before part of the Before & After photos!  OOPS.  This project was in my head for a long time before it ever was put into action.  I have lots of those in my head ideas just waiting for the time and the opportunity to escape! 
Not little voices just ideas...anyhow- I spray painted a raw wood book shelf black w/ Rustoleum semi-gloss paint, well it didn't cover as well as I had expected so I improvised a little.
For the back of the book shelf I used these items.  This is a great Before pic of modpodge and wrapping paper!

OOOH a close-up!

I don't even think they make this color any longer but I have had it for a long time from a previous staining activity.  Really a dark, rich color.

Most of you have never seen this before...sand paper and sanding block.  I stole all products from my hubby-

That is MY hand sanding...all alone!

cute little block...not - I think I have cussed that thing a time or two, have you ever put sand paper in one of those?  well I'm just saying not my favorite thing to do...however, I am challenged so to speak.

AWW look cute little socks from my precious little babies feet!  Blah Blah!  They could care less if I steal borrow their little socks b/c their feet are too dang big to fit into them anymore!  I  digress, these were used to wipe off sanding dust from the not previously pictured book shelf that I so painstakingly painted and sanded.

Ok so it is now in the bathroom and there was not an outside picture of it because I was anxious to get it into here it is.  What happened was that I didn't pre-sand as well as I should have so the spray paint did not cover so well.  So I then had to do a better sanding job to remove all the rough places (wipe it down w/ the socks) so that my new white towels would not be messed up.  In the end I had to use the stain to cover up what was missed by the paint.  But now I love the way it turned out.
Yikes that was long. 

I really do like how it turned out.

This bench came from my MIL it was a brownish mustard previously sprayed it Bahama Sea from Krylon.  I am running out of that color - sad Walmart doesn't have it anymore.  Any way this is right next to shower to put towels on and such.

Two new sinks.  I don't think they are supposed to be on the floor.?

First toity leaked!  yah that was fun.  Had to return to Lowes for the 1,703,489th trip this month to get a non-leaking one.  Those are on the "non-leaking toilet isle" Just in case you wondered.

Can't seem to get that hubby of mine in a working mood.  Just kidding he took a break from plumbing.  This is the buffet that will soon be turned into a double vanity, that I hopefully will soon be using!!

Oh sink on top not on floor.  (Dr. Seuss would be proud of the use of my "O" sounds!) 

There she is Mrs. America!  No,no,no.  But I do now have a toity that flushed w/ no leaks.  Gotta just love a husband who can install two toity's in less than one week, in the same bathroom no less.

Does anyone know what time it is??? late that's what- I think I need sleep-

I linked my first time to this blog! 


  1. wrapping paper, that is such a great idea! So glad you linked this to our Wicked Awesome Wednesday party.

  2. It's all coming together so beautifully! LOVE it!