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Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas 2010

Kristen wanted anything Toy Story 3.  Thus Ken and Barbie!

Kassie wanted dress up clothes shoes and tiaras!

Maddie wanted a cool lamp for her bedroom.

Reuben was so excited to give his gifts to me and dad...he picked things out and paid for them himself.  He was very proud of my Christmas Tree cookie jar and Tweetie Bird jammies!

Reuben got dad some of his favorite treats...cho covered almonds and Dove milk cho.

Riley loves to read we found this new book at Sams and knew he would enjoy reading it.

The boys got these cool sports pics that Grammie ordered and I framed - I think they turned out really great.

Reuben's first football season.

Grammie was excited about her new lime green backpack, monogrammed by my friend Michelle.  Grammie also is wearing one of my Washer Pendants her's is a little larger than others that I have made b/c of 4 grandkids.

Taylor always gets a gift from Grammie in this bag.

Walkers Harrisburg Hornet duffel bags!

Grammie and the grand kids...What happened to Riley??

Taylor's cute Crock Purse!  Oh - she's cute pretty too!

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