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Monday, February 27, 2012

Turquoise Armoire

I have not fallen off of the face of the earth, I just cannot balance computer blogging and everyday life!  I am truely a multi-tasker but I cannot find the time or energy to get on the computer to keep an updated blog.  Besides looking at everyone else's blogs and Pinterest what's a girl to do??

I have had a few projects up my sleeve so I decided to post my new fav today!  Yay me!  Hope you enjoy-

This is the armoire that houses some of our computer components and printer etc.  It was raw wood when we first put it together.  We originally bought it about 6-7 yrs. ago for our TV. About a year ago we changed it to hold our computer "stuff".  I was bored with the plain wood so I decided to put a little stain and glaze on it to see how I would like that.   

I soon tired of the look and decided to go for the paint!

A few months ago I bought this tester of paint from HomeDepot b/c I really liked the color, Martha Stewarts' Sunken Pool - I was really wanting to paint something turquiose!
This color was a little lighter than I thought that it would be from the can but  I still  think it is a great color. 

I used a paint brush and only used one coat on the whole thing!  I went back over the center panels b/c there were a few places where the wood was still showing through.  That one little 7.5 oz can covered the whole front of the armoire.  

I have used this pint of glaze for probably about 2 years and still have 1/2 of the can left.  I have done several projects with this one can!

I used a stiff bristled brush to get the glaze in all of the corners and all over the armoire.  Then just wiped down with an old sock until I got the look that I wanted.

Pretty easy really - just trial and error until you have the look that you are going for.  That is usually my technique of choice...trial and error! :) usually more error, but you learn as you go right?!

Finished painting and glazing the front had to go back to HD to get another can:(

While I was at HD I asked the paint guy about wax.  I have never waxed anything but have read and seen things online about it so he pointed me in the Minwax direction.

I just used an old t-shirt and wiped everything down with the wax, waited about 10 min. and buffed the wood.  

This stuff looks like a candle in a can!  Smells nasty-
I couldn't get a great pic of the way the wax makes the wood look, but it gives a sheen and also makes the piece look like I put about 3-4 coats of paint on!  The wood feels very smooth.  I don't know what I had expected the wax to do but I really like the way this product worked!

A few finished photos!  I really like the finished product!

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