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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Break Projects: Project #1

We have been on our 12 day fall break here @ The Church's and that means that I had a project "To Do List" to work on.  These are projects for me b/c my other half has had to stay busy w/ the Fall Festival making sure nothing crashes!  He had to work on only 2 things for me...he was excited.

Well my first item was to work on some Feather Jewelry.  The guys that work over at Zippers said that the feather jewelry they had was selling really well and it would be nice if there was someone who would work on some "custom feather jewels"!!! Can't imagine who that was supposed to be.  Well they really didn't expect me to come through I guess b/c they were surprised when I showed up w/ these:

 I am sorry that I didn't take any pictures of the "making" process but all of these were super easy to create.  All of the feather supplies came from Hobby Lobby and the rest of the materials I had on hand.  I used a lot of E 6000 glue to hold the feathers and crimp beads in place, then just added the ear wires.

Thanks for stopping by... more projects to come!

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