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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ruffled Lamp Makeover

I was blogging around one day and came across this blog Crafty Texas Girls and they had the cutest lamp shade makeover.  I needed that makeover for my tired living room lamps that I partially made over a few months back.  Click here to see before pics of lamps.

Lamp shades originally.

Ruffles sewn w/ straight stitch b/c I don't have a ruffle foot.

Sewed about 700 miles of fabric!  Took this to my son's baseball game and ruffled for a few hours!!

Lots of hot glue later-

Nice and ruffley!

Ran out of the original fabric from the $1.50 bin at Walmart, had to find some to match that was more expensive! boo-

Liked it so much I added some to the lamp on my side of bed.

Before ruffles, ok but not so nice-

After ruffles nice-

 Thanks to craftytexasgirls for the inspiration.

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  1. Thanks Paige! You did an amazing job on your lamps. I am glad my little blog provided some inspiration and beauty for your home.

    :) crafty texas girls