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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some Items at Zippers Style exchange!

I have started making T-Shirt Scarves!  I have seen these on websites and in other merchandise catalogs and decided to make some of my own and I think that they have turned out really cute.  They are made by using/reusing old t-shirts.  I have just cut them into strips and stretched them out and they curl into the strips!  Ingenious!  Great way to reuse and recycle and great style as well!  I have made some of the felt and t-shirt flowers as well and these look super cute pinned onto the scarf.  you can mix and match colors or have solid colors, tie in a knot or drape over your neck!  I think that these are super fun!  I have more ideas to make different scarves with the t-shirt scraps - just have to find the time to get them made.  Right now I have these and several other items down at Zippers.  These are priced from $5 for the flowers up to $13 for scarves!  Please go check them out or give me a hollar and I will be happy to get you what you need.  And as always my great friend, Michelle, down at Threadberries has several of my pendants!  Go check them out!


I made this charm name bracelet for a customer- I think it turned out nice!

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