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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Name and Monogram Dominos

I have have done several name and monogrammed items for customers in the past but keep forgetting to take photos before I send them now I have some to post.  I made this "Nadia" name domino for a customer that could never find a personalized gift for a young girl because her name is not as easily found while shopping.  This is the perfect gift for any girl any age.  When I was young I could never find items with my name because it was not that popular...but now I can make just about anything with anyone's name!!! 

Vinyl Monogram Domino $12 each several colors available

Name domino $12

My dominos are priced at $12 each.  Stamped names can be done in hot pink,red, orange, royal blue, purple, black, brown, sage green.  If it will fit, and I have the stamp...I will stamp just about anything on a domino!  Ask me to see what I have available.

Small Glass Tile Monogram $8-$12 (this one is $8)

Personalized Washer $10-$20 (this one is $20)


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