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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 7th

Before I begin with some of my jewelry updates I would like for you to see what my crazy precious nieces and precious yeah right sons looked like over Thanksgiving break.  Tried to get one good/descent picture of 5 kids under 11 yeah right!  So sweet...

you try to get them all to behave!

 Ok, back to jewelry...I have been continuously busy with peoples' orders for Christmas trying to get it all done and continue with my own shopping and home life gets to be quite challenging! 

Over Thanksgiving my mom and I went to a fun craft bizarre at Gibbs Elementary School.  The ladies there were so nice and friendly.  Several people would come to my "booth" and say ..."oh so you're the domino lady"  I thought it to be quite funny that I was "The Domino Lady"...kinda like a bag lady only more crafty.  Anyway, that bizarre was one of the best events for me I sold a lot of my items and had great compliments on my jewelry.  I am really enjoying getting to know different people through my jewelry making hobby/business.

part of my Craft Bizarre display

Holiday Domino Collection stamped and ready to sell!

Well since I finally convinced/begged my darling husband to get this blog thing going for me i guess i need to put a few pictures out so that you all could see what i have been up to lately.  Several of you have been to my webpage and have looked at the kid dominos and other type of monogrammed domino and glass pendants that I have, well my latest endeavor has been embellishing hardware washers! take a look at a few i have done so far.

Paper Washer Pendants these have sold well.


                            Close-up of Snowflake

If you like one let me know - I will be replenishing my stock after New Years!
Customers have really enjoyed the Washer addition to my pendant collection.  I haven't measured but they hang a little lower on most people but can be tied shorter if you like.  These are covered with a decorative scrapbooking paper and coated with a glossy finish.  Decorative bead added for "Bling"!

Personalized Name Washer w/ Birthstones

Harlequin green/black
This one has been hand stamped with a metal stamp set and personalized with birthstones. Cute heart charm!

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